Genshin Impact is an open world action role-playing game developed and published by miHoyo. Taking place in the fantasy world of Teyvat, the story follows a twin who travelled across many worlds but becomes seperated, and players get to choose one of the twin and must now find the other. miHoYo revealed Genshin Impact in June 2019 at E3 2019 and eventually was released for Microsoft Windows, Playsation 4 and 5, Android, and iOS, and features cross-platform play between them. Also released  in several languages, with voiceovers in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English. The game original score was performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. This high level of production value and huge marketing budget eventually pays off. Within a month, sales from mobile platform broke the record of over $250 million, making it the largest mobile game launches in history. Its  largest revenue came from China, Japan, South Korea and United States.

The Genshin Impact Gameplay

The entire world of Teyvat is absolutely stunning to check at and listen to during, with the noteworthy exception of some occasional obligatory over-the-top anime voice acting. On the PS4 and cellular, there are times when you’ll quickly travel into a place until it finishes loading and need to await the entire world to catch up with you personally, but besides these occasional hiccups, Genshin Impact appears and plays remarkably well. Combat revolves around switching a team of up to four characters each equipped with different elemts and abilites. Co-op options gets to be unlocked after certain rank, and player can host or join another player to finish a task together.

While the game is entirely free, the gacha or known as loot boxes will cost you real money in exchange for in-game currency. The current gaming experience suggests that while everyone can have a nice and easy start, to delve deeper in the game will noticeably gets harder, and exponentially slower your total progress. There comes in the tempation to acquire help from your wallet anytime you run against one of these progression roadblock.  Anyone with a gambling addiction or a addictive personality should be aware that you can easily sink hundreds/thousands of dollars within minutes.

Genshin’s Overall Verdict

Overall review for the game was good if not great. Scaling 80+ from 100 possible score from respectable gamesites. The User Score from from Metacritic tells a bit different story though, where the general concensus was that while the game was visually stunning and has great potential, the amount of daily gameplay is actually time gated. And some characters were entirely locked behind gacha wall, making it impossible to be attained by free players, which can be translated as being unfair. Well give it a try or not, but just one good advice, dont bother to install it if your phone is several years old and outdated. First Genshin would require you to spare about 5gb of storage just for first installment (not sure about the updates) and second it might not looked as good without its high graphic settings. Have Fun.

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  1. while yes the game has pay walls it seems to play fine with out having to break them . Its just more grindy since you need to work at it more . The trick at the start is to focus all the free stuff to the gache as best you can . Later its making sure to max out set items for accessories . I found the hard thing for the start of the game was getting all the animo which is needed . I’m still finding pieces i skipped over early to get full maps .

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